Premio l’Arte che unisce

Our music, dance and drama students faced a new challenge: finding a new way to communicate the performing arts (music, dance and drama) through the video format.

During the pandemic period when live events were suspended, video became a fundamental tool for conveying the artistic message, even though it was almost always used in a limited way, trying only to recreate the live experience.

Our students, aged 6 and up, have been looking for new ways to use this tool, adding unique, unprecedented, creative, multidisciplinary elements to their performance.

Three commissions, made up of leading figures from the Italian art world and members of the Rotary Club, evalueted the projects.

Among them:

Carlo Balzaretti – Director of the Conservatorio in Gallarate

Natascia Pane, Coach and Hypnotist – writer and expert talent coach

Deda Cristina Colonna – director and choreographer

Michele Fedrigotti – pianist e composer

Tiziana Tentoni – musical manager and communication specialist

Marco e Stefano Bonfanti – guitarists and concert performers

Carla Pastormerlo – teacher and creator of the “Io cresco con la Musica” method

Luca Oberti – conductor