TheGaetano Marziali Academy was founded in 1986, as an association, on the initiative of Giuseppe Cassina, then President of the prestigious Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory of Milan for 9 years, Maestro Luigi Zanardi, Professor of Chamber Music at the Conservatory "Giuseppe Verdi" in Milan, and other musicians to meet the ever-growing need to know, understand and experience music.

Our mission, closely linked to the area in which we live and aimed at an audience of all ages, is to improve the quality of life through the culture of music and to educate artistic taste through the practice of music, dance and theatre.

The Academy is named after Gaetano Marziali, a musician and composer who lived in Seveso in the early 20th century, as a sign of gratitude and to underline the roots of this artistic experience.

Since its inception, the Academy has been a musical point of reference in the area, offering courses at different levels: preparatory, amateur and professional music courses, masterclass, , seminars on perfecting the instrument, organisation of concerts and events,such as the Musica&Musiche Festival and "Seveso in Corde",the Gaetano Marziali Guitar Competition and the the Guitar Making Exhibition..

From the passion and experience of Prof. Carla Pastormerlo and Prof. Elena Rizzi was born the musical didactic method for children "io cresco con la musica©", , a trademark registered by the Academy itself and which qualifies it on a national level.

For more than 25 years, the Academy has been responding to requests from interested schools by proposing musical education courses and projects using the "io cresco con la musica©" method, "io cresco con la musica©" aimed at nursery and primary school pupils.

Within the various sectors of the Academy's activities, there is the Teacher Training and Update Centre which offers nationwide training courses for school staff and musicians.

Within the walls of the majestic late 19th-century building, the Academy's spacious halls host theatre courses and the and the Academy's Dance School, which offers ballet (from preparatory courses from age 3 to professional courses), modern dance, hip hop and early dance.

From 2019, the summer features MusiCampus, the summer centre where you can discover the beauty of music, dance and theatre together. Teachers, musicians, dancers, actors and singers guide the young participants in their discovery of the world of music and instruments, through games, dances, songs and workshops.

We are proud of the prestige achieved over the years by the Gaetano Marziali Academy and pleased to be able to offer a place where students and teachers can grow and develop their talents. Every year we welcome creative and passionate students of music, dance and theatre.


Giuseppe Cassina - president
✉️ cassina@accademiamarziali.it

Ambrogio Bertoglio - vice president

Valeria Cassina - councillor
✉️ Valeria Cassina - councillor

Silvia Meroni – consigliere

Mario Musolino – consigliere

Carla Rachele Pastormerlo - councillor
✉️ carlapastormerlo@accademiamarziali.org

Giuseppe Regalia - councillor

Deda Cristina Colonna
✉️ dedacristinacolonna@accademiamarziali.org

Annibale Rebaudengo
✉️ annibalerebaudengo@accademiamarziali.org

Marco e Stefano Bonfanti
✉️ bonfanti@accademiamarziali.org

Carla Rachele Pastormerlo

Annibale Rebaudengo
Bruno Canino
Barbara Frittoli
Gianandrea Noseda
Vittorio Terranova

Associazione iNMusica di Pesaro
BCC di Barlassina


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